Gesture Drawings 

10 Minute Poses

Long poses

Coping 2020

Rusalka 2018

Bedroom Study (observational) 2018 Living Room Panorama Sketch (observational) 2018

for Yale Daily News 2015

Auto-generated Digital Paintings, Takes a black and white image/sketch as input, returns a colorized painting. Coded primarily in Python 2018

Drawing by John Singer Sargent

Sketchbook Page

December evening, long lashes (Oil on board, 3.5ft x 6ft, 2013)
In summer air, the canals seemed endless (Oil on board, 10in x 12in, 2012)
Each day blends into the last (Oil on board, 6ft x 3ft, 2012)

Calculus homework and cake (Oil on board, 10in x 10in, 2012)

We met for breakfast 8am daily (Oil on board, 6ft x 3ft, 2012) Quiet hallway, freshman year (Oil on board, 8in x 12in, 2012)

Middle school new mirror rituals (Oil on board, 32in x 24in)

Independent, to me she still felt young (Oil on board, 24in x 32in, 2013)

Together, we explored pastel streets (Oil on board, 24in x 32in, 2012)
Winter evenings, charades (Oil on board, 9in x 12in, 2012)
untitled (Oil on board, 2013)




Yale University Double Major Computer Science & Global Affairs, 2019
Interlochen Arts Academy Visual Art, 2013